Wednesday, 13 April 2011

There's no Business Like Show Business

A Day in the life

Alot of people have an idea I lead a champagne life style, whist I understand that thought, I don’t, so heres a day in the life of Steven Prior!

Day starts at 6am with my alarm waking me up to the sound of Radio 2, now I don’t normally get up quite this early, however today I have an early doctor’s appointment at 7:30 so I have to get up early. I go through the normal morning routine of showering and shaving, having breakfast and leaving the house at around 7:15 to head to the doctors. So I wait around at the doctors till I finally get called around 8am (how they can be running late when they only opened at 7:15 amazes me) and its a pretty routine appointment, its nothing major, I just have to have a monthly check up due to my thyroiditis.

So I leave the doctors and drive to work, and I amazingly get there on time, so I'm at my desk, coffee in hand by 9am, Check the computer, there’s 18 Emails, so that’s the first order of the day. I spend the rest of the morning getting angry at several local authorities because they're not doing their job properly, and are holding up planning for most of my winter touring shows. I manage to get away for lunch and meet one of my best friends Tom for a pub lunch and a swift pint. The Afternoon is taken up with a mix of designing some effects for upcoming productions and a mountain of health and safety paper work (which is the bain of my Life)

So I manage to leave work around 5:30, getting home for 6. Have dinner and promptly fall asleep. Wake up an hour later to my flat mate coming home from work .So I then knuckle down to the business of doing some more designing for my site(s) that are in development. After spending an hour or so doing that, I pop to the pub for a swift half with some friends.

So it’s now 9:30pm, I’m treating myself to a beer, watching someone on cam4 and having a damn good and well deserved rest! oh and blogging, so yeah, my life isn’t that exciting, but it does me, I'm satisfied and I love my job and have some great friends

What more could a simple porn boy want?

Steve x


  1. nice blog "a day in the life of ....", i find early morning radio 2 no good without Wogan

  2. I never thought you had a champagne lifestyle anyway - more a can of coke and a muffin man. I always felt you were naturally industrious but it is clear that you enjoy what you are doing; it's the creative impetus, which I feel myself. During the last few days I have been assembling a three hour record programme for UckfieldFM; because I write a script, it's a laborious process but it's the only way I can do it to make it effective. at 6.00 p.m. on Sunday if you have nothing btter to do (probably!).