Sunday, 3 April 2011

Take a Letter Miss Jones

Alcohol, the Great truth serum

Last night, I got rather drunk, well that puts it lightly, I got very very drunk.

And I ended up arguing with my ex, which isn't really like me at all. I said alot of things, and in the clear light of day, I'm trying to work out if I was actually wrong. Yes,I said many nasty things, but it wasn't anything that wasn't in my head already. And its left me wondering, as easy as it is too say these things when you've had a skinfull, does that make it alright that you do? or is it a good thing that you were able to get it out of your
system? rather than having it eat away at you.


  1. Got to let the poison out before it poisons you.

  2. My recent experience has been that you've got to take positive action to sort out the things that make you unhappy - carrying them for years and hoping they'd 'get better' didn't work for me. If people need to hear things that are uncomfortable whilst you take those steps, ultimately that's worth it for your own happiness and sanity.

    If alcohol helps you take the necessary steps, then great... Just try not to rely on it as away of feeling confident about expressing the things that are important to you.


  3. I'm going to agree with what everyone else has said. Sometimes alcohol can be a great help in releasing those emotions and feelings.

    Hope you are okay and everything is alright.

    Much Love,
    Drunken Mike

  4. Steven, the risk is that in your somewhat befuddled state you might say something you might later, much later, really regret. I assume that you are referring to your ex known as Keiron, by the way. It's your judgment, I suppose, that these things need to be said so you must bear any consequences that you may not like.
    Take care.

  5. You care about each other. You might have needed to say every word of it, but it doesn't mean it's ruined anything. That part is up to the two of you. The alcohol might have just made it easier to say things that needed saying.

  6. maybe it would be better if you found the courage of expressing how you felt when you were sober. I find that being honest and congruent can be a great thing that binds people closer when it is done in a loving, caring way... But that's just me ;P