Saturday, 2 April 2011

Don't dream it, be it

Here's 10 Interesting facts people don't know about me

1. My primary day job is designing special effects for stage and screen, I design everything from subtle magic tricks to huge fire effects
2. I have a Masters degree in Chemistry
3. The reason I'm so skinny is I have Hyperthyroidism, I eat like a horse but fail to put weight on
4. I've only ever had one proper boyfriend, its left me with emotional scars and not sure I ever want another one
5. I do porn because im an exhibitionist, not because of the money, however I wouldn't do it for free
6. I'm Dyslexic, but work hard at my spelling and grammar, so it annoys me when people don't
7. I love to travel, I get this from my two years on the road as a touring techie.This year I will be travelling to Gran Canaria, New York, Amsterdam and Berlin
8. I work too much, a normal working week is around 70 hours
9. I'm rather kinky, I love bondage and all its wonderful possiblitys
10. I'm struggling for 10 facts because I'm not that interesting

Steve. x


  1. Have you read Quantum chemistry?

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  3. This blog is a courageous step for Steven, whose intelligence and self-awareness are among his most valuable qualities. Anyone less like an idiot twink would be hard to find!

  4. I know a friend who was in one of your films and he has a Masters Degree in Maths. Maybe there is some correlation between making films and academic achievement?