Thursday, 29 December 2011

You know you're a Techie when...

You know you're a Techie when... have a permanent mark above your ears from the headset. wave at little kids from the spot booth. prefer the light board over your girl/boy friend.
...You walk into your home and your parents ask who you are. memorize gel colour for fun. are more concerned about the location of your adjustable crescent wrench than you are about your car keys.
...your parents memorize the stage phone number. really believe that wearing all blacks makes you invisible. dress your snowman in black. use glow tape instead of night lights to find your way around your home at night. can tie a bowline know without having to tell the bunny story to do it. start calling the Technical Director Dad. have an insatiable need to coil all the cable in your house correctly. give and / or recieve MagLites for special occasions keep a list of creative ways to impale actors.
... you give up your summer to work on a musical, without pay.
... your "Varied diet" consists of ordering the number 14 instead of the 42

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


I'm afraid this is going to be a rant so I apologise

Recently I've come across quite a few threads online where I've been described as unattractive to say the least, so I think its time for a rebuttal

Now maybe I'm really missing something here, but I don't understand what is achieved by sitting on faceless forum thread, hiding behind a keyboard and saying such things. If you don't like me, no one is forcing you to watch my content, lord knows I'm not, so there's a simple solution to this in my mind at least

If you don't like me, Don't watch me.

If you do watch me after deciding I'm ugly, and you feel the best thing to do with your time is to go online and comment about such things, maybe you should be looking at your own life, and it might surprise you to find out that there is an entire word outside that isn't the Internet (I promise, there's trees and people and everything, its just like the Internet only bigger! and mostly in 3D)

 However, no doubt there's still plenty of people out there that will still feel the need to post such things, and I'd just like to say, I dont care, I'll be out enjoying the real world, you have fun on your keyboard.

Much Love
Steve x

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

There's no Business Like Show Business

A Day in the life

Alot of people have an idea I lead a champagne life style, whist I understand that thought, I don’t, so heres a day in the life of Steven Prior!

Day starts at 6am with my alarm waking me up to the sound of Radio 2, now I don’t normally get up quite this early, however today I have an early doctor’s appointment at 7:30 so I have to get up early. I go through the normal morning routine of showering and shaving, having breakfast and leaving the house at around 7:15 to head to the doctors. So I wait around at the doctors till I finally get called around 8am (how they can be running late when they only opened at 7:15 amazes me) and its a pretty routine appointment, its nothing major, I just have to have a monthly check up due to my thyroiditis.

So I leave the doctors and drive to work, and I amazingly get there on time, so I'm at my desk, coffee in hand by 9am, Check the computer, there’s 18 Emails, so that’s the first order of the day. I spend the rest of the morning getting angry at several local authorities because they're not doing their job properly, and are holding up planning for most of my winter touring shows. I manage to get away for lunch and meet one of my best friends Tom for a pub lunch and a swift pint. The Afternoon is taken up with a mix of designing some effects for upcoming productions and a mountain of health and safety paper work (which is the bain of my Life)

So I manage to leave work around 5:30, getting home for 6. Have dinner and promptly fall asleep. Wake up an hour later to my flat mate coming home from work .So I then knuckle down to the business of doing some more designing for my site(s) that are in development. After spending an hour or so doing that, I pop to the pub for a swift half with some friends.

So it’s now 9:30pm, I’m treating myself to a beer, watching someone on cam4 and having a damn good and well deserved rest! oh and blogging, so yeah, my life isn’t that exciting, but it does me, I'm satisfied and I love my job and have some great friends

What more could a simple porn boy want?

Steve x

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

So Much of me, Is Made of what I learned from you

The Big L Word
Loves a funny thing isn’t it? Nothing else can put you through the full range of emotions it can be exciting and passionate, yet it can also be Dark and sinister.

It makes you do funny things, you don’t understand why you’ve done them, or even the fact that you did it because of love. 

So with this in my head, it leads me to my next point. The fact that I am damn stubborn, A phrase my dad uses stick in my head “I never hold a grudge for more than a decade or two” and this normally sums me up completely, you get on my wrong side and it takes a long time to get forgiven. So maybe I am wrong, but I will never think I am, maybe what is the matter is I keep wanting him to be something he’s not. So it will always be my problem rather than his, but does this mean I move on? I keep telling myself I have, yet always find myself close to him again, so maybe I haven’t, maybe I never will. Its amazing I can be angry at him one day, yet the next day I’m arranging for him to come on holiday with me because I know it’s something he’d love, and nothing makes me happier than seeing him happy. (it also doesn’t help that he’s damn beautiful)

I’m summery. If your reading this, I’m Sorry, I’m a Wanker, but I’m afraid I always will be

 Steve x

Today for you, Tomorrow for me

Oops I thought I'd posted this yesterday.

I'm going to spend this post saying exactly how amazing @tehmoog is.

Right now, I have an image in my head of him having read that last sentence, turning bright red at his computer, and so he should be. He's Brilliant. Yesterday I was feeling at one of my lowest ebs, I was all set to get in bed with a couple of cans of Guinness and feel sorry for myself, when out of the kindness of his heart he invited me over to talk about everything that was bothering me. So off I trotted to east London where he sat and listened to me talking absolute crap and bollocks for well over 3 hours. And trust me, I was talking bollocks. So In summery. Hes amazing. Go follow him, go love him. I know I'll always be there if he ever needs me!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Take a Letter Miss Jones

Alcohol, the Great truth serum

Last night, I got rather drunk, well that puts it lightly, I got very very drunk.

And I ended up arguing with my ex, which isn't really like me at all. I said alot of things, and in the clear light of day, I'm trying to work out if I was actually wrong. Yes,I said many nasty things, but it wasn't anything that wasn't in my head already. And its left me wondering, as easy as it is too say these things when you've had a skinfull, does that make it alright that you do? or is it a good thing that you were able to get it out of your
system? rather than having it eat away at you.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Don't dream it, be it

Here's 10 Interesting facts people don't know about me

1. My primary day job is designing special effects for stage and screen, I design everything from subtle magic tricks to huge fire effects
2. I have a Masters degree in Chemistry
3. The reason I'm so skinny is I have Hyperthyroidism, I eat like a horse but fail to put weight on
4. I've only ever had one proper boyfriend, its left me with emotional scars and not sure I ever want another one
5. I do porn because im an exhibitionist, not because of the money, however I wouldn't do it for free
6. I'm Dyslexic, but work hard at my spelling and grammar, so it annoys me when people don't
7. I love to travel, I get this from my two years on the road as a touring techie.This year I will be travelling to Gran Canaria, New York, Amsterdam and Berlin
8. I work too much, a normal working week is around 70 hours
9. I'm rather kinky, I love bondage and all its wonderful possiblitys
10. I'm struggling for 10 facts because I'm not that interesting

Steve. x