Wednesday, 6 April 2011

So Much of me, Is Made of what I learned from you

The Big L Word
Loves a funny thing isn’t it? Nothing else can put you through the full range of emotions it can be exciting and passionate, yet it can also be Dark and sinister.

It makes you do funny things, you don’t understand why you’ve done them, or even the fact that you did it because of love. 

So with this in my head, it leads me to my next point. The fact that I am damn stubborn, A phrase my dad uses stick in my head “I never hold a grudge for more than a decade or two” and this normally sums me up completely, you get on my wrong side and it takes a long time to get forgiven. So maybe I am wrong, but I will never think I am, maybe what is the matter is I keep wanting him to be something he’s not. So it will always be my problem rather than his, but does this mean I move on? I keep telling myself I have, yet always find myself close to him again, so maybe I haven’t, maybe I never will. Its amazing I can be angry at him one day, yet the next day I’m arranging for him to come on holiday with me because I know it’s something he’d love, and nothing makes me happier than seeing him happy. (it also doesn’t help that he’s damn beautiful)

I’m summery. If your reading this, I’m Sorry, I’m a Wanker, but I’m afraid I always will be

 Steve x


  1. I know you're a wanker...knew for a while, but did it stop me then? No

  2. You are so right about love; I have been in love a couple of times but for a variety of reasons it never lasted. My first boyfriend was, I thought, the prettiest thing I had ever seen and he was totally inexperienced. It was very passionate but tricky as we worked together. Many years later we remain very good friends. I think later problems were with me as I now prefer to live by myself. I don't know why this is but it's easier, somehow. Perhaps I'm emotionally selfish - I don't know. But I don't think you are a wanker Steven - don't put yourself down.