Tuesday, 6 December 2011


I'm afraid this is going to be a rant so I apologise

Recently I've come across quite a few threads online where I've been described as unattractive to say the least, so I think its time for a rebuttal

Now maybe I'm really missing something here, but I don't understand what is achieved by sitting on faceless forum thread, hiding behind a keyboard and saying such things. If you don't like me, no one is forcing you to watch my content, lord knows I'm not, so there's a simple solution to this in my mind at least

If you don't like me, Don't watch me.

If you do watch me after deciding I'm ugly, and you feel the best thing to do with your time is to go online and comment about such things, maybe you should be looking at your own life, and it might surprise you to find out that there is an entire word outside that isn't the Internet (I promise, there's trees and people and everything, its just like the Internet only bigger! and mostly in 3D)

 However, no doubt there's still plenty of people out there that will still feel the need to post such things, and I'd just like to say, I dont care, I'll be out enjoying the real world, you have fun on your keyboard.

Much Love
Steve x


  1. I Ddon't underatand why people call you ugly. EVer dince i firstsaw you in RUDEboiz 6 I have thought you are very goo lookinhG.

  2. I've seen the posts that you're talking about, and I can tell you that they are just bitter and jealous of you and your looks and talents. Don't let the small town views of a few bring you down. You're hot and they're not. :)

  3. For me, at least, I have never seen as sexy guy as you before.... heads up boy!

  4. I've had strangers approach me in public and tell me they find me attractive. I find that kind of odd behavior. I appreciate the compliments but wonder what motivates them. Maybe they are wanting to strike up a friendship which is polite and socially acceptable behavior.
    But to tell a person they think you're ugly? That makes no sense at all. They have no class, manners and no clue what acceptable behavior is.
    You've been a source of some of the most intense orgasms I've ever experienced masturbating. Did I read somewhere here in your blog that you scope out cam4? My account name on cam4 is miles2123 - It would be awesome to get a friend request from you but if not I'm not going to start calling you ugly.
    Cheers mate!!!

  5. Steven, all I'll say is you're definitely TOTALLY my type, so f!ck the haters; I'd be happy to have you around any time.

  6. You're a gorgeous, obviously intelligent, techy... to hell with them i say :)

  7. Steven, never let the nay sayers get to you..........
    it's easy to be a total ass and prick, like you say, sitting behind a nameless, faceless computer screen-
    you are one of a few that reach out to their fans- and that is a rarity in the field- am sure the others probably have someone answering emails for them and such, but just reaching out to your fans places you heads above the others (and sorry, but using the word "head" was intenntional, but for lack of better words lol) :D
    you are amazing! and you are admired by so many! ;) never forget that! ;)

  8. I think you're dead sexy. Who cares what other people say?


  9. Fuck them Steven! I think you're gorgeous! xx

  10. You're a very attractive guy... completely my type

  11. Steven, I just discovered you and to me you're the most beautiful man I've ever seen. Skinny guys who are awesomely hung are my fantasy. How does it feel to be that big, I wonder.

  12. Steven...you are adorable and your new look...is that much better. But what I like most...you seem to be a great guy, certainly much more than just a twink with a huge cock. If you make it to Indiana, I'll be glad to...give you a dream date like no other.