Thursday, 29 December 2011

You know you're a Techie when...

You know you're a Techie when... have a permanent mark above your ears from the headset. wave at little kids from the spot booth. prefer the light board over your girl/boy friend.
...You walk into your home and your parents ask who you are. memorize gel colour for fun. are more concerned about the location of your adjustable crescent wrench than you are about your car keys.
...your parents memorize the stage phone number. really believe that wearing all blacks makes you invisible. dress your snowman in black. use glow tape instead of night lights to find your way around your home at night. can tie a bowline know without having to tell the bunny story to do it. start calling the Technical Director Dad. have an insatiable need to coil all the cable in your house correctly. give and / or recieve MagLites for special occasions keep a list of creative ways to impale actors.
... you give up your summer to work on a musical, without pay.
... your "Varied diet" consists of ordering the number 14 instead of the 42


  1. Gave up being a techie almost 20 years ago, but some of these are still true.

    One question, Lee or a Rosco gel numbers?

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    2. Can't go wrong with a good old bit of 117, dam typo first post

  2. Despite having left the craft 11 years ago, i'm still guily of "you have an insatiable need to coil all the cable in your house correctly" to the extend of insisting that all persons in my house do it the right way, even if the cable in question is not even mine. Does that make me a bad person ?

  3. . . . is your blog over? goodness . . .

  4. I've been trying for years does anyone know how to reach Steven?